‘Almost Sleepover’ Unicorn Birthday!

Hello friends!

It’s been awhile since I made a post and I am hopeful that I am able to do more in 2021! February and March are a busy time for birthdays in our house. We have 3 birthdays within a month so it feels like we are celebrating all month long! (Which isn’t a bad thing :)) My daughter really wanted an “almost sleepover” party this year. What is an “almost sleepover” you may ask? It’s basically the best invention ever! At least I think so. Friends get to come over in their jammies and stay up late, but then they go home and sleep in their own beds. There are no late night phone calls to come pick someone up or girls having anxiety about not being in their own bed and everyone gets sleep. It’s a win, win in my book! It was a unicorn themed ‘almost sleepover’ and it made my daughter’s dreams come true!

The party guests arrived around 5:30 and we started the night with a unicorn sno cone truck! Who wouldn’t want sno cones when they first arrive to a party? We also greeted each girl with a unicorn headband.

Next up was dinner and a movie in their sleepover tents! These tents were the cutest things I have ever seen. I only wish they were around when I was 7! The company that we rented them from came earlier in the day and did all the set up. All you have to do is clear an open space for them. Then they come back the next morning to pick up everything, and it’s like it didn’t even happen. The girls loved having their own space to lay in and pretend they were actually having a sleepover. They each had a small mattress, pillow and blanket.

We served individual pizzas (the birthday girls request!), rainbow fruit skewers, and veggies. We also had individual unicorn popcorn bags, rainbow goldfish, and of course cake!

I always like to have an activity for the kids to do at a party and my daughter loves art so we painted unicorns. I found a unicorn painting set on amazon and it was perfect. Each girl got to paint one and take it home. The rest of the evening they watched a movie or ran around screaming (because that’s what 7 year olds girls do!) It honestly brought me back to childhood watching them run and dance around. It was pure fun!

Each girl left with a unicorn goodie bag including a unicorn pen, unicorn bath bomb, unicorn rock candy and unicorn bracelet. By 9pm everyone was home and got a good night sleep. Best sleepover ever!

I hope you enjoyed seeing our ‘almost sleepover’ unicorn party! All the items and vendors I used for the party are linked below. Wishing you all a happy weekend ahead! XO

Vendors + Details

Balloons : Big Ass Balloons

Cake & Cupcakes – The Teal Bakery

Sleepover Tents – Slumber Tents

Unicorn Sno Cone Truck – Unicorn Sno Cones

Unicorn Headbands – Amazon

Unicorn Favor Bags – Stesha Party -Etsy

Unicorn Popcorn Bags – Sugar Sweet Bliss- Etsy

Unicorn Paint Set – Amazon

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