30 days of Kindness

Hi friends!

I hope you have enjoyed following our 30-day random act of kindness challenge. It’s really added some joy into our daily lives during such a challenging time. Thinking of things I can do for others each day has helped me stay positive (at least for a while!). Even if you don’t do all 30 days, I encourage you to try some acts of kindness of your own. I promise, it will not only brighten someone else’s day but will lift your spirits. I wanted to compile our first 10 days here on the blog in case you haven’t seen all of them in our daily stories.

Day 1 – We created a basket of snacks for our essential workers still delivering packages and groceries for us. It was a small token of appreciation for their efforts!

Day 2- We delivered balloons to our neighbors and friends! We had leftover balloons from a birthday and added handwritten notes to them. The kids loved the surprise at the door. We also sent a balloon from Big Ass Balloons (Support small businesses!) to a friend on her birthday that day!

Day 3- We delivered Breakfast tacos to a local ER staff. If you do this, make sure you have a contact and coordinate a safe drop off. I have a friend who works there and she met me in the parking lot. We also used a local restaurant for the tacos (support small businesses!). Another option is to drop off a small gift or card to a healthcare worker you know.

Day 4- We wrote notes of encouragement on adoptanursinghome.com. This website allows you to write and send sweet notes to nursing home residents and the staff caring for them!

Day 5- We wrote mirror notes for loved ones! This could include your spouse, child, parent, or roommate. If you live alone, write a kind note and leave it on your neighbors door!

Day 6- We donated to a go fund me page of a friend. There are so many small businesses and organizations that need support right now. If you can help, do it. No amount is too small.

Day 7 – We created craft kids for children and dropped them at their door. This gave kids a fun activity to do and gave their parents a small break!

Day 8- We gave $5 coffee cards to grocery store workers at checkout. This was one of my favorites! They were so happy and surprised at the small gesture.

Day 9- We wrote handwritten notes to friends and family. This was super simple, but I really think its important right now. Tell the people you care about that you miss them and appreciate them.

Day 10- We donated dog food and treats to a local animal shelter. Barc Houston is in need of high value dog treats including hot dogs, frozen chicken and pupperoni.

The first 10 days of kindness were really fun and we are looking forward to the next 20. We hope you join us and share with us what you are doing to spread some joy.

Stay happy and healthy and keep throwing that kindness around like confetti!

XOXO, Amanda

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