Non-Candy Valentines Round Up!

Valentine’s day is next week, and my kids are already buzzing about this sweet little holiday. Some people either love it or hate it, and I personally love it. My husband and I usually just cook a nice meal at home, and he gets me flowers but it’s not a huge holiday for us. Don’t get me wrong, I love all the pink and red and heart shaped decor, it’s just not a big gift holiday around here. Simple and sweet is our valentine’s celebration! We do however always get some fun little gifts for our kiddos and they LOVE making valentines for friends and family. They both already picked out their valentines for their classmates and are counting down the days until they can hand them out! This year a lot of classes are asking for non-candy valentines due to allergies and the fact our kids just get a lot of junk! (am I right?!) It seems there is a birthday pinata with candy and cupcakes, a holiday or just a playdate that involves a sweet treat every week so I’m all about the non-candy gifts! (And we also battle allergies so it’s even better for my girl!) I gathered a few adorable non-candy valentines below. Some of these you buy pre-made and just sign your name and some you just print and assemble yourself. Whether we buy premade or DIY, I always have my kiddos add some personal touches with stickers and crayons. It makes it that much sweeter!
First up, you are slinkin cute valentines! I mean, what kid doesn’t like a good slinky?! My daughter has given these out the last two years and they have been a big hit! These can be ordered premade and mailed to you or its totally something you can make yourself. Either way, the kids will love them! My son picked the next set of valentines. Bouncy balls! We actually found these at hobby lobby and all the valentine’s items were 40% off. They were $4.99 for ten valentines to begin with, plus 40% off! It was a steal! Another Valentine my daughter did last year were these adorable bubble valentines, you make my heart pop! You print these cards yourself and buy some little heart stick bubbles and washi tape. These are so super simple and TOO CUTE.
If you have really young kiddos (under 3) these crayon valentines are the way to go! My son gave these out to his class last year (most were 2 1/2 years old) and they were perfect for a young crowd. They loved coloring on their own cards with their own crayons! Along with their classmates and friends, my kids also love making valentines for family as well. When it comes to family, I always buy blank heart shaped cards and get valentines stickers, crayons and foam hearts and let the kids go to town! Adults will appreciate you skipping the toy and love to see their creativity! I hope you got some fun, easy ideas for your kiddos valentines this year! All the links to the valentines are listed below. Whether you like the holiday or not, it’s a great way for kids to show love and appreciation to family and friends. And who doesn’t need some extra love?! Happy heart day friends! xoxo, Amanda Non- Candy Valentine Links

One thought on “Non-Candy Valentines Round Up!

  1. Such cute ideas! And I LOVE Valentine’s Day – and it’s not for the candy or the flowers – it’s because it’s about LOVE, the greatest of these…Right?


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