Home Sweet Home – A House Cooling Party!

Hi Friends!

I’m back! I took a long holiday hiatus and then my house got struck with a horrible virus and kept us down for a few weeks. I’m finally feeling better and we are over the holiday madness and thought it’s been far too long since I’ve written on my blog. So here I am again, writing my first blog of 2020! A lot of things have happened since my last post, but the biggest thing is that we bought a house! We sold our first home that we bought together in August (and it was SO hard to let go of!) and we have been renting as we searched for our new home. Well it finally happened. We found our home! And I’m never moving again. Two moves in 6 months is A LOT. Especially having two young children and a dog! But back to leaving our first home. This was our first house as a married couple, where we brought our two babies home, and was our “home sweet home” for 7 years. We had made so many memories in this house with our family and friends and I thought it deserved a celebration!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with housewarming parties. It’s a party to invite your nearest and dearest to come and break in your new home. Well surely if you give your new home a party, you should celebrate your soon-to-be old home as well, right? A house cooling party is just the opposite. It’s a party to invite family and friends to come over and say goodbye to your house and give it a big thank you for all wonderful memories there! I have to give credit to this idea to my stepfather, Mike. I heard about the house cooling party him and my mom threw when they sold their house in California, and I loved the idea.

Now this isn’t a huge party, it’s quite simple and sweet. I know there is a lot going on before you move, so this is not to add one more thing on your plate during a busy time. It’s honestly just liked a housewarming party, but you are doing it in the house you are about to leave. I’m the sentimental type, so this was right up my alley.

On to the house cooling party! Here are 4 simple things you need to throw one: A guestlist, food, drinks, and personal touches. Let’s start with the guest list. This should be family and close friends. Friends that really spent a lot of time in this home and made the memories so wonderful there. I would suggest this being on the smaller side. We invited probably around 35 and I think around 25 came. Reminder: about 10-20% of your invitee list will not be able to make it so keep that in mind when thinking of how many you want to include.

The food. Keep it simple and keep it finger food. Guests will be mingling so holding a plate, fork and drink gets to be a little much. Have things they can grab quickly and eat in one bite. I still had little plates and napkins available just in case of course. Some easier platters to make are a charcuterie platter, cheese platter, veggie platter and fruit platter. I feel like these are staples at parties, but they make so much sense. I also made a few other apps like smoked salmon on cucumber and my favorite dairy free bruschetta.  I also had mini cupcakes for a little sweet treat!

The drinks. Make a fun DYI drink bar!  I did an aperol spritz bar and it was a huge hit, especially in the summer. Just make sure everything is prepped and cut so guests can just combine all the ingredients and go. I also pre-made a few just in case some didn’t want to make their own. This is a super easy bar. All you need is a bottle of aperol, a bottle of club soda, champagne in an ice bucket, sliced oranges and ice. You could also add rosemary sprigs or lemon slices! If you are worried guests won’t know how to make the drink, you can always print directions and put them in a little frame on the bar.

Personal touches. I had such mixed emotions leaving our first home. I was excited and sad all in one. I tried to soak in everything I could those last few weeks, but I really wanted something that I could take to my new home, that reminded me of my old one. I saw these awesome watercolor prints on Esty and thought it was perfect. You send an actual picture of your home and they recreate it in watercolor! Now our first home can be brought with us wherever we move. I also found these adorable house cupcake toppers. The heart in the middle of them just screamed “home sweet home”! Another fun idea (that I thought of after the fact) is to make a short and sweet slideshow to be running of all the fun things you did in that home! Maybe for the next house cooling party we have, but like I said, I’m not moving again!

I hope this gave you some inspiration for your next big move! If you do throw a house cooling party, I would love to see it, don’t forget to tag me @cantleyco!

Until the next party,

Xoxo Amanda

3 thoughts on “Home Sweet Home – A House Cooling Party!

  1. Amanda, you never stop amazing me. You have made every house a home all your life, with the brilliance within you.❤️


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