Halloween treats for kids!

It’s finally Halloween week! The house is spooky, our costumes are ready, and we have candy and toys galore for trick-or-treaters! My kids absolutely LOVE Halloween so it’s fun to make some scary treats the days leading up to it. I love surprising them by putting a treat in their lunchbox for school. They always come home raving about it! These treats also work great if you plan to have a little Halloween party thursday night. We had a Teal Pumpkin Party for our daughter this past weekend (and if you want to learn more about the Teal Pumpkin Project, click here!) so I was able to test all of them out. I had over 20 kids in my house plus their parents and let me tell you, the treats were all a huge hit! Now, some of these are things you already have in your pantry, you just add a little “scare” to them.

First up, applesauce pouch mummies! These are so super simple and turn out so darling. All you need is applesauce pouches (or really any kid pouch) white cloth tape, googly eyes and a pen. Also glue if your eyes don’t have adhesive on the back. You wrap the cloth tape around the pouch and zig zag it back and forth (giving it a mummy appearance). It doesn’t need to be perfect wrapping because it’s supposed to be a mummy! Add the googly eyes and draw a zig zag mouth. Viola! Mummy applesauce! These were the first to go at the party and there is no baking involved.

The next kid favorite was Sunbutter and Jelly Spiders. You can use any nut or seed butter for these. I made a sunbutter and jelly sandwich as usual but then I used a round cookie cutter to make the body of the spider. Next, I added pretzel sticks to each side (remember spiders have 8 legs). Lastly, I melted some chocolate chips and piped out a little face using a piping bag (you could also use a plastic baggie). These are a really fun surprise in your kid’s lunchbox on Halloween day!

For sweet treat, I love making these ghostly cupcakes. They are super easy and so dang CUTE! I make the mini version, but you can absolutely do regular sized cupcakes as well. You just need cupcake liners, cake mix, vanilla frosting, a piping bag and tip, and chocolate chips. I use the enjoy life mini chocolate chips for the mini cupcakes, so the face is smaller. Bake your cupcakes according to the box (or homemade recipe if you are a real MVP). Let them cool completely before adding the frosting. Use the piping tip and bag to pipe the vanilla frosting onto the cupcake. I try to make them a little taller to really give it a ghost like feel. Add 3 chocolate chips for the eyes and mouth. Here you have them!

If you are looking for something a little more healthy but sweet, try these tangerine pumpkins! Just peel the tangerine and add a little piece of celery to the top. These also work all Fall, not just Halloween!

If DIY Halloween treats aren’t your thing, there are lots of Halloween themed snacks in the stores including fruit snacks, pretzels, and even ghost shaped chips already ready to go! For a semi homemade idea, try chocolate covered Oreos and top with Halloween sprinkles. Just dip Oreos in melted chocolate and top with black and orange sprinkles. Make sure you let them harden on parchment paper in the fridge. These are so yummy!!

Also another great tip is to get yourself a good set of Halloween cookie cutters. Not only can you make witch hat cookies but ghost toast, pumpkin sandwiches, the list goes on! I have cookie cutters for every holiday.

I hope you found some easy and spooky Halloween inspired treats for your little goblins this week. Wishing you all a fun and safe Halloween!


8 thoughts on “Halloween treats for kids!

  1. Do your cupcakes, cookies, pretzels have gluten/wheat in them? Are there eggs in any of those treats? If so, that is not an allergy-friendly party. If they really are free of the top 8 allergens then great! But please be careful labeling something as “teal pumpkin” when it contains one or more of the top major 8 allergens.


    1. Hi Erin! Glad you asked. Yes all the homemade treats are top 8 free. There are some pre-packed pretzels that have wheat in them. None of my guests had a wheat allergy. The teal pumpkin project is actually more then just the top 8. Kids have allergies to all sorts of things beyond the top 8, and thats why the TTP promotes a non food alternative option. The treats were just for party guests as they learned about the TTP. We had games with non food items as prizes as example. But its good to note that the TTP does not ask people to forgo food or candy on Halloween, they ask for people to have a non food alternative so all kids can participate in trick or treating. Thanks for your comment!


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