Party Guest Do’s & Dont’s

Hello friends!

Can you believe summer is almost at an end? I don’t know if its just me, but it seems to have flown by. Probably because we sold our house, found a new one and are moving THIS week! That all certainly makes time fly by. Though we have been house busy, we have certainly made time to host family and friends here and there. Our most recent gathering was our house “cooling” party. What’s a house “cooling” party you may ask? Well, it’s like a housewarming party where you break in the new home with your family and friends, but a house cooling party is just the opposite. It was a final night for family and friends to come together in our home and toast to all the good memories made here. It was a really sweet night (and included an Aperol spritz bar!).

I was busy getting food ready, prepping the bar, and finishing last minute details and I certainly didn’t have time to look at my phone. So, when I did take a peek after the final guest left, I had 14 text messages! 14! Now I adore all my family and friends, but it made me think, “There should be a rule that no matter the circumstance (unless it’s a true emergency!) you should not text or call the host/hostess within 2 hours of the party!” I’m sure many of you have felt the same way while trying to get ready for a party you are hosting.  And there are so many times I have done this as a guest too, so this is not to make you feel bad! A little party guest guide can help every one of us, so let’s get started!

Party guest do’s!

  • DO RSVP! The simplest thing you can do is RSVP. And the sooner the better. Hosts are always looking for a headcount. Of course they want you to come (you got invited!) but if you can’t, its not the end of the world. So just hit yes or no!
  • DO attend if you hit yes! I know things come up in life, but for the most part if you said you are coming, stick to it! Your word is important. And on that same note, if you feel like you are always bailing last minute, maybe consider hitting that no button! 
  • DO bring a host/hostess gift- Now this is not mandatory but it sure is a thoughtful thing to do for the one hosting you. This can be as simple as a sweet card. I always make sure to not come empty handed! Note: if you are attending a birthday or shower where you normally bring a gift, you are covered!
  • Do participate in the party’s activities – whether that’s a DIY bubbly bar, filling out an advice card or hitting the piñata! Guest involvement always makes it more fun! 

Party guest don’ts!

  • DON’T show up early! It’s the worst feeling to be a host rushing around doing last minute details and the doorbell rings. 
  • DON’T text or call the host within 2 hours of the event unless it’s a true emergency – Ask questions about attire, arrival time, etc. the day before or even the week before. I promise you, the host doesn’t even know where her phone is, let alone have time to text you back. Try texting another party guest if they can help with your question! 
  • DON’T bring more people than you RSVP’d for, and on that same note- don’t invite other people unless you already talked to the host about it. But in general, leave the inviting to the ones throwing the party!
  • DON’T linger longer than the end time! Usually if there is an end time, its there for a reason. Of course there are always exceptions to this rule depending on if you are visiting from out of town, or the hosts are asking you to stay later, but for the most part, make sure you start making your goodbyes when the end time is coming close. 

I hope these tips are helpful when attending your next bash! Here’s to being the best party guest ever! XO, Amanda

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